SU2 Café & Market Umbrellas

SU3 Cantilever Wall Umbrellas

SU4 Rotating & Tilting Cantilever Umbrellas

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SU7 Rotating Cantilever Umbrellas

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Invest in top quality sun umbrellas Australia wide. We have the best Pool Umbrellas Australia has ever seen!

This should be a priority if you want to utilise your outdoor space and maximise the shade. At SHADOWSPEC, we offer premium quality shade umbrellas and sun umbrellas in Australia that give you value for money and make even the harsh summer appear like a comfortable climate, which you can enjoy.

Since the late 1990s, we have been wowing our customers with our durable, classic and attractive pool shade Australia wide. These stylish sun umbrellas with impeccable designs are just the right fit for transforming your monotonous outdoor spaces into attractive, inviting and comfortable spaces.

Whether you are searching for classic sun shade in Australia or something architectural and stylish, you can buy them all and more at SHADOWSPEC. By browsing our comprehensive range of exclusive and assorted shade umbrellas and sun umbrellas, you are sure to find one that’s the ideal choice for you.

Sun Shade Requirements Australia wide? We can help

If you require shade solutions for your pool’s surroundings, you don’t need to look beyond our pool shade in Australia. These pool umbrellas include features such as rotating and tilting. Their components are made of high quality stainless steel. All materials used in our pool umbrella shades are marine grade to guarantee longevity.

SHADOWSPEC also offers readily available instant shade umbrellas in Australia. Whether you need shade umbrella solutions with a large canopy for large pools, high decks and patio areas or prefer the smaller ones that can be used for outdoor dining or meeting spaces, we offer them all.

If your are planning to buy shade umbrellas, buy sun umbrellas or buy pool shade Australia that are excellent value and give an instant makeover to your outdoor spaces, contact SHADOWSPEC today by calling us at 1800 144 155. You may also order your shade umbrella by emailing us at